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Tree Trimming Pruning & Branch Removal – Saint Catharines

A tree may need pruning for a variety of reasons:

· to remove diseased or storm-damaged branches
· to thin the crown to permit new growth and better air circulation
· to reduce the height of a tree
· to remove obstructing lower branches
· to shape a tree for design purposes

Once the decision has been made to prune, give us a call.

The key is to prune the unwanted branches while protecting the stem or trunk wood of the tree. Tree branches grow from stems at nodes and pruning always takes place on the branch side of a stem-branch node. Branches and stems are separated by a lip of tissue called a stem collar which grows out from the stem at the base of the branch. All pruning cuts should be made on the branch side of this stem collar. This protects the stem and the other branches that might be growing from it. It also allows the tree to heal more effectively after the prune. To prevent tearing of the bark and stem wood, particularly in the case of larger branches, the following procedure is used:

  •  a small wedge shaped cut on the underside of the branch just on the branch side of the stem collar is made. This will break the bark at that point and prevent a tear from running along the bark and stem tissue.
  •  farther along the branch, starting at the top of the branch, a cut is made all the way through the branch leaving a stub end.
  • finally, a third cut parallel to and just on the branch side of the of the stem collar is made to reduce the length of the stub as much as possible.

A similar procedure is used in pruning one of two branches (or one large branch and a stem) joined together in a ‘u’ or ‘v’ crotch.