Lawn Dethatching (Remove and Prevent Lawn Thatch)

Lawn Dethatching is one of the best things that you can do for your lawn. Thatch is a build upp of grass clipping, decayed or decaying leaves that turns into a mat of tangled, intertwined brown and white grass material on the ground surface. Thatch can keep your lawn from living up to its potential.  Removing thatch will help you get the best from your lawn.

Mechanical Lawn Dethatching is the best way to have your lawn Dethatched.

Fertilize after Lawn Dethatching

Prevent Lawn Thatch

A layer of thatch on your lawn means that air, water and nutrients can’t break though. Fertilizer is wasted, since it only feeds the top layer and not the roots. Water runs off instead of getting to the root systems and weeds thrive. Warm-season grasses that spread by stolons are especially susceptible to thatch buildup.

To prevent thatch, keep leaves raked and remove grass clippings after mowing. Grass clipping over time contribute to thatch,  eventually increasing the layer of material on the surface of the lawn. If the material accumulates faster than it decays, thatch builds up.

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