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Eavestrough Cleaning St. Catharines Roof water controlEavestrough Cleaning St. Catharines

If you own a home one of the most important items to maintain are your eavestroughs / gutters, downspouts and downspout extensions.  As a homeowner here in St. Catharines,  I’ve seen what water can do to a home over a short period of time.   Many homeowners do not know the function of properly maintained gutters and downspouts.  Properly installed and maintained gutters and downspouts can save a great deal of headaches down the road.

Without gutters, during a rain storm, water flows down the roof, off the edge of the overhang, and lands on grade all around the home.  In no time at all, this flow of water off the roof of the home will erode the soil allowing water to pool immediately all around the home, eventually resulting in water infiltration and basement flooding to occur.   These moisture problems can be avoided with proper maintenance of gutters and downspouts around the perimeter of the home.  Gutters and downspouts will move the majority of rainwater away from the home.  Proper water drainage can save a home from the damaging effects of water. If downspouts discharge at grade level they should extend a minimum of five feet away from the foundation of the home.  Cleaning your eavestrough regularly will help prevent water from entering and damaging your home.

It’s a good practice to clean your gutters twice a year,  spring and fall.

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